Yacht Activities You Can Do For Your Family Bonding

Without a doubt, quality time is important for fostering bonds between family members; which is why occasional family bonding sessions come into play. Especially when considering how everyone usually has their own life to go about – putting aside some time to organise a family bonding event can help keep the bonds stronger than ever.

Whether it’s during the holidays or the weekend – once you’ve found an appropriate time which fits everyone’s schedule; it’s time to think up the exact activity. So, rather than stick to the usual activities by the beach or park; for an all-new and memorable experience – why not consider a private yacht charter?

Deepening the bonds between one another while onboard a yacht is an amazing experience; no vacation is the same with the beautiful sights, serene atmosphere, and enjoyable company.

Read on to discover what it takes to have a bonding experience of a lifetime with your family members!

Build a device with limited supplies

In this challenge, you will split your family members into two or more teams, and every team will get the same set of supplies. With the items, they will have to work together to come up with an innovative product or a device.

The team with the most creative product will ultimately win the challenge, and through this simple activity, you will get to witness the creative and never-before-seen personalities hidden within your family members.

This will allow you to know your close or distant family members and their personalities better.

Bring previously devised problems to solve

Before the day of the activity, you will ask every team to think of a problem and then submit it. During the event, all the problems will be mixed in a hat, and every team will choose one.

During this time, you will have to ensure that no team picks the problem they have created previously. Every team will get half an hour to solve the problem.

They would have to utilise their creative ideas, communication, and interaction skills, and present it to you. The best problem solver will win this challenge and will take home a gift!

Mental scavenger hunt

A yacht is no big space, making it difficult for a scavenger hunt to happen – considering that it’s hard to hide items in any spot aboard a yacht.

However, it only means that it’s time to brainstorm and be creative, by introducing another way to play the game of scavenger hunt – behold, “hidden” puzzles or brain teasers.

Assign family members randomly in teams of two or three and have them move from station to station and attempt to solve the problems given. The team with the most puzzles or riddles wins!

Building challenges

Since it is practically impossible to assign a sandcastle building challenge on a yacht, why not introduce a lego building challenge?

This activity aims not to award the team who has built the best lego structure but to give everyone a chance to take the lead by completing the task while coordinating with others.

The best part about planning family bonding activities on a yacht is that you can enjoy interacting with your family members over delicious barbeque or finger food, and the tantalising sunset reflected on the majestic waves once the day is over.

Switching up your usual family bonding activities can make way for a thrilling, unforgettable experience! All that’s left is to determine the private yacht charter cost. Get in touch with us, our yacht promotions which has been open to the masses since the start of Phase 3.

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