What Does The International Baccalaureate In Singapore Do?

Formed in 1968 in Switzerland,  an international educational foundation, International Baccalaureate (IB), for students between 3 and 19 years and have been in the classrooms of Singapore. The program, which includes the IB Primary Years Program (PEP), the IB Media Years Program (PAI), the IB Diploma Courses and the IB Related Program (CP): currently available in more than 30 schools in Singapore. Some of you might know what the term “IB” is? It is used in relation of the four programs, or with the diploma or certificates obtained after the course. Schools situated in Singapore must be authorized by the IB organization to offer IB programs and be classified as an IB School.

TOK: Essay 1200-1600 words written in a separate title (from a selection of ten), followed by a 10-minute presentation in class.
    EE: Original independent research project in which the student must produce between 3500 and 4000 words of any material and title selected.
CAS: The student must do a minimum of 150 hours during a period of 18 months participating in creativity, participating in sports or other physical activity and doing a social service.

International baccalaureate is famous for its high scholastic norms and growing really worldwide, 21st-century residents who will make a superior, progressively quiet world.

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