Lose Weight Successfully With These 4 Common Foods

When you’re trying to lose weight effectively, your diet plays a prominent role in contributing to your results. This is because the foods you consume or avoid have a major effect on your weight. In general, it is ideal to avoid or reduce the consumption of foods that are calorie-dense. However, the number of calories is not the only factor that comes into play.

For instance, low-calorie foods that do not contain sufficient nutrients such as fibre and protein can result in one feeling unsatisfied and hungry, which in turn, make it more challenging to resist snacking. With that said, here are 4 common foods you should reduce or avoid consuming for a successful weight loss journey. 

1. Foods with added sugar

 Despite providing empty calories, foods rich in added sugar are not filling, and have been linked to various health problems including obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Examples of such foods include sweetened drinks, dairy desserts and candy.

A study also found that there is a correlation between consuming beverages with added sugar and excess weight gain in adolescents and children. Be extra careful when consuming products that are low in fat or fat-free, as food manufacturers usually add a lot more sugar to account for the loss of flavour.

2. French fries

As tempting and readily available they might be, French fries are incredibly high in calories, unhealthy fats and salt. Numerous restaurants usually cook their fries in deep fryers to obtain that crispy texture, which also adds a great number of calories and fat. On top of that, French fries can be addictive and this leads to people consuming many at one go.

When dining out, opt for fresh fruits or salad as your snack, instead of fries. You can also consider whole, boiled potatoes that can easily fill you up and most importantly, are a much healthier option.

3. White rice

As rice is a staple food in most countries, consuming rice daily comes as no surprise. Despite being very low in fat, white rice also contains minimal protein and fibre. It was found that the more white rice one consumes, the higher risk of obesity in female adolescents. With a high glycemic index, white rice can also potentially cause a spike in one’s blood sugar levels.

For a healthier alternative, choose brown or cauliflower rice instead, which are richer in dietary fibre to keep you fuller for a longer time.

4. Ice cream

Everyone’s guilty pleasure! Ice cream is definitely mouthwatering, and you’ll probably find yourself craving it from time to time, but it’s especially unhealthy as it is high in calories. Plus, most store-bought ice cream is packed with excessive sugar. A small portion is forgivable once in a while, but it’s easy to consume large amounts of sugar, especially if you’re having more than one scoop with additional toppings.

To make things fun and exciting yet healthy, you can make your own ice cream using less sugar and much healthier ingredients such as fruits and full-fat yoghurt.

TCM slimming treatment is also another healthier approach you can take to achieve results in your weight loss efforts. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine slimming techniques, this procedure will help remove body toxins, eliminate water tension and boost metabolism so you can lose weight safely without negative side effects. Our slimming experts will also advise you on your diet and nutrition, so you are more confident in what you should be consuming.

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