Key Considerations In Selecting Your Child’s Primary School

Singapore has a very rigorous schooling system and you need to weigh down a lot of options between choosing a local and an international school. Making this choice is not an easy decision since the type of school you choose will impact your child’s social, mental, and emotional development.

Here are some of the tips you need to consider and think about before choosing a primary school in Singapore for your child:

How long will you be staying in Singapore?

The length of the time you decide to stay in Singapore is an important consideration to look at while choosing an International School Singapore for your child. If you do not plan on staying for more than three years, it is best to consider an international school where your child can relate to the education system of your home country.

However, if you are planning to stay for a long time, it would be the best bet to send your child to a local school so that he/she gets more familiar to the local cultures and environment.

Do you wish to expose your child to a different culture?

Of course, you are bound to experience a culture shock when you arrive in a new and different country. Even adults find it difficult to adjust to a new environment – food, weather conditions, rules and regulations, etc.

If you put your child in a local school, it might prove to be a frustrating experience for them. However, they will be rewarded with a much stronger personality and make them more adaptive to change later on in life. They will also be surrounded by local children that will help them learn new culture and integrate with society.

When it comes to international schools, you tend to get social diversity. However, you can expect the children from the upper-middle class and above families as their parents can afford the hefty school fees.

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