How Parents Can Improve The Quality Of Their Sleep

When you have to juggle between a job, your kids, and other demands in life, sleep becomes the last thing to do in the back of your mind. Instead of sleeping, more adults begin to use the last couple of hours they have every night, focusing on leftover work or cleaning up after their children.

When you have consistent lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep, sleep deprivation drains your mental abilities and puts your physical health at risk. You should be looking at a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to ensure you don’t feel tired and groggy for the next day. And as a parent, you will need all the energy you can get to cater to your kids’ needs, work demands and everything else that requires your attention.

Here are 3 valuable tips to help you out.

1. Make sleep a priority

It is best to understand the importance of sleep during workdays. Getting enough sleep can help working adults feel more productive the day after, giving them better focus and raise their alertness when carrying out work tasks. While you may seek to put in that ‘one last thing’ before you sleep that didn’t get done during the day, don’t overlook how much you need a good night of sleep.

Make it a priority by setting a schedule. This means deciding what time to wake up, giving yourself between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, and adding 30 minutes before bed to unwind and relax. You can spend those 30 minutes listening to relaxing music, clearing your mind as you dim the lights, or simply read bedtime stories as you unwind.

2. Set a sleep schedule for yourself and your children

A consistent sleep routine goes a long way when it comes to productivity and sufficient rest. With this consistency, it tells your body when it is time to sleep, and when to wake up. Following a sleep schedule can net you higher quality sleep, rather than just more sleep.

You can also sync up with your children’s sleep schedule can also help them develop better sleep habits, and at the same time, leave you more time to let you focus on yours. If you’ve decided to go for ‘catch-up’ sleep on the weekend, this could prove to be counterproductive to your sleep routine. Instead of feeling well-rested, your body clock might not adjust adequately to the inconsistency of overall sleep. In essence, it is best to keep your sleep schedule consistent even on weekends.

3. Address any problems of poor sleep

If there is a specific reason why you may be falling short of quality sleep, don’t procrastinate on those problems. For instance, certain physical conditions can cause great discomfort and keep you up at night. Getting the ideal mattress can raise your comfort level and let you enjoy a good slumber.

The Supreme Chiro series offers individual pocketed spring to alleviate any aches you might face, turning uncomfortable and disrupting nights into a deep sleep alongside optimal back support. It provides the right level of firmness to ensure support for your sleeping position and spinal alignment, making it a suitable mattress for lower back pain. If you heat up when you sleep, we also carries theArcticSilk series – a gel-infused memory foam mattress that helps to draw heat away from your body and allows for better flow of air for a cooling rest. You can look forward to waking up fresh without the agony of sweaty nights.


Quality sleep is essential, and this applies to everybody in your family. Keeping your sleep schedule consistent with quality sleep assures that you can better face the challenges of everyday life. Your children can also learn from you and develop a proper bedtime for their rest.

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