An Interior Designer’s Guide To Using Wallpaper

If you have been thinking about getting an affordable yet stylish make-over for your abode, look no further. Wallpaper make perfect stylish additions to your home and office. Read on to discover the magical power of wallpapers.

1. Inviting hallway

You can add a character to your house by selecting unique wallpaper for your hallway rather than keeping the walls simple and unadorned.

2. Elegant dining room

This is a place where you get together with your family and friends and spend time forging bonds and enjoying sumptuous meals. Therefore, it is important to pick out a wallpaper that has a warmer look while still maintaining an elegant and sophisticated demeanour.

3. Playful kid’s corner

Kids like to have a brightly coloured theme for their room. This should be kept in mind when picking out the wallpaper, designs and prints for the room. The overall theme should be playful and vibrant, with a relaxing ambience.

4. Fresh bathroom

There is nothing as refreshing as a beautifully decorated bathroom. There are a number of ways in which you can creatively use wallpaper and make your bathroom look good as new. You can select a colour scheme and a pattern for your bathroom and then pick up wallpaper that suits your needs. Either go with a playful theme or anything that is more abstract or neutral. Keep in mind to always ensure a harmonious balance.

5. Cheerful living room

The living room is an area where you spend most of your time and entertain your guests. Therefore, it is necessary to give it a casual as well as a little formal look and feel. It should feel as welcoming as it is comforting. While choosing wallpaper, make sure that it stands out and makes a statement.

6. Comfortable bedroom

A bedroom should have a cool and comfortable ambience. Therefore, here you can make use of wallpaper depicting waves, nature, ocean and other relaxing images. You can either cover all the walls of your room or can only concentrate on one wall. Get some similarly ocean-themed curtains from a nearby curtain company to complement the look.

7. Interesting stairs

It is not necessary to have boring stairs. Give a new look to your stairs by sticking differently patterned wallpaper at the front of each step. You can mix and match to create an awesome look.

8. Attractive drawers

Drawers don’t have to be boring. You can easily play with their appeal by making use of Korean Wallpaper. You can either use it to line the insides of the drawer or paste them on the sides so that they look pretty when pulled out.

9. Amazing bookcase

Wallpaper can even be used to give your otherwise plain and simple bookcase a fresh and appealing look. You can make the books on it stand out and even tempt your family members and guests to take a look at your amazing book collection.

We hope that these ideas will help you give your room a complete makeover. Happy Decorating!

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