5 Ongoing Myths Not To Believe About Laser Hair Removal

Did you know that laser hair removal is one of the top 5 aesthetic procedures that is most highly sought after in Singapore? But before you go suss out the best laser hair removal treatment, you might first want to find out more about the procedure and what it entails. In fact, there is far too much information on the internet to decipher what is fact or fiction, and it can all be rather overwhelming.

Not to worry, we are here to set the record straight once and for all! Busting all the myths that have been going around for far too long – here are 5 myths NOT to believe about laser hair removal!

Myth #1: Laser hair removal doesn’t work on people with dark skin.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact – laser hair removal works on people with varying skin tones and types. Today, technological advancements such as our Super Hair Removal (SHR) machines allows our beauticians to work with different and more powerful laser energy to allow almost anyone to undergo full body hair removal.

However, a caveat to this is that better results are typically seen with darker hair colors on light skin tones – largely due to the contrast in skin pigmentation.

Myth #2: Laser hair removal is only good for eliminating unwanted hair.

While it’s true that laser hair removal is highly-effective for removing excessive hair – you will be beyond delighted to know that there are many more benefits that come with SHR hair removal treatment! Firstly, not only does the laser help with irritating ingrown hairs, our proprietary Princess Gel™ also has smoothing and whitening effects!

Whether you are undergoing leg hair removal or armpit hair removal – you can be assured we are doing our best to maximize your treatment with various skin boosting benefits!

Myth #3: Laser hair removal is expensive.

False, false, false! Even though it might make more financial sense in the short run to continue on with tweezing or shaving – it is actually much more cost-effective in the long haul when you take into account the time and hassle saved after finishing your entire treatment course. Take it as a form of investment to beautiful, flawless skin!

In fact, we are always helping our customers to save more, with packages that cater to different needs and budgets! *Psst!* We are currently having a promotion for 5 session covering 4 areas at only $540 to commemorate Singapore’s blessed 54th birthday! Enjoy this promotion while you still can until 31st August 2019!

Myth #4: Laser hair removal requires zero maintenance.

We hate to burst your bubble, but there is a need to maintain and go for multiple sessions when you decide to commit to a laser hair removal treatment. Unfortunately, laser energy is only able to target hair follicles that are currently in the growing phase (anagen) at the time of treatment. This means that several treatments are needed in order to successfully target all the hairs in this phase.

While it is often termed as an “permanent” solution, it usually takes about 6–8 sessions to notice a good reduction of hair. Depending on your situation, this number may be more or less.

Therefore, it is best to see laser hair removal as a “hair reduction” rather than a “hair removal” treatment in order to best manage your expectations.

Myth #5: Anyone can pull off laser hair removal treatment successfully.

Don’t make the mistake of going simply for cheap treatments – but go for both affordable and high-quality treatments that will get you the best bang for your buck!

When not done by a highly-trained beautician, the treatment could leave you with burns, infections or unsightly scars. Our hair removal specialists make all the difference – combined with our powerful SHR machines, you get 100% safe and painless hair removal that is well-worth the newfound confidence!

Ready to jumpstart your hair removal journey? Contact us today to book your very first consultation with us!

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