4 Useful Video Production Tips When You Have Little Budget

The amazing thing about making videos today is how affordable it is; unlike what the costs were a couple of years ago.

In the past, film and video production in Singapore was never a consideration for small businesses. It was only a preserve of the multinationals and giant brands to make TV advertisements for their audiences.

However, with the rise of the Internet age and technological evolution, you can make impactful videos even when on a tight budget and here’s how you can do it.

Choosing a Location

One of the most obvious costs for any video making company in Singapore is the price of booking a suitable location.

If you have a small video production budget, the best thing you can do is to scout for a location well in advance and lock-in well ahead of time.

This will help you and the crew to prepare beforehand, knowing the features of the location. Also, it helps you avoid the “bloodhound” location companies who can sniff when you are desperate for a venue and charge exorbitant fees or a “last-minute” booking fee.


Many video making companies in Singapore avoid scripting especially when coming up with online content. However, scripting doesn’t dilute content or make it boring. When applied creatively, a tight script will help you know your key messages and go straight to the point.

Zooming in on a location and scripting will help you communicate more effectively to your audience, allowing you to achieve your goals.

Remember, it’s all about making the most from a small video production budget.

Choosing a Crew

Obviously, you would only want to get a hold of the most talented crew in order to produce the best videos. However, it comes with a price as acquiring talents cost you a sum of money, not to mention the fact that you may need to shed off a few guys. Or at least come up with creative ways to scale down the labour costs.

You can choose to negotiate a flat rate (as opposed to an hourly rate) or better still, learn some DIY video production skills and scale down on the crew.

You don’t have to contract the services of a professional to shoot the video for you – or for that matter, procurer and expensive camera or employ a professional editor. You can learn to adjust the right lighting, stabilize your camera so that the video isn’t shaky and do most of the editing by yourself.

Just remember, your video still needs to look professional.

Use Affordable or Free Editing Tools

Video editing isn’t as mysterious as it was in the last century. You can do it by yourself and there’s even technology to help you!

Remember this is the digital era, so you have technology around to make work easier. You can download an array of video editing tools at affordable rates and some such as the iMovie and the Windows Movie Maker are absolutely free!

Many of the top video making companies in Singapore recommend these tools when adding titles, captions or to help come up with creative video productions that look professionally handled.

To put it simply, having a small video production budget doesn’t mean that you will produce a bad quality video. With the right tips, you can easily make top-notch video productions.

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