Have you ever experienced a nagging craving for food, especially junk? Are you a lover of food who derives bliss from the sight of food and being able to choose from variety? Are you the procrastinator who never seems to shop on time until there is nothing edible in the fridge? Well, if you are among the three the solution to your problem exists. 888 Plaza should be your shopping mall of choice. The founders of this commercial property very well understood the meaning of the mantra, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ They saw the possibility of bringing home closer, and they did. The 888 Plaza is best described as a home for it fuses a variety of culture and cultural practices and cuisines under one roof. It is located at 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore 730888, at the heart of a densely populated area in Woodlands. Some lucky residents of Woodlands live as close as opposite the commercial property. Others are a stone throw away hence they are highly favoured when it comes to accessing the mall.

This commercial property is the best definition of ‘all under one roof.’ It has all kinds of shops around it from, bookshops, clothes shops, shoe shops, barbershops and salons, groceries shops, eat outs, coffee shops and hardware shop among other shops. 888 Plaza has a supermarket, Fairprice NTUC, which has a steady flow of goods and services and stays open for 24 hours. There are two prominent food courts within this commercial property. They are known for serving a variety of cuisines at an affordable price. If that is not enough, the environment around the food courts is tranquil and cool hence various event organisers have been compelled to host their events within this commercial property to entertain the customers as they eat. There are also two big renowned coffee shops that stay open till past midnight and get closed around 3 am. Furthermore, 888 Plaza has food shops that are known for serving traditional delicacies. A good example is an Indian stall that is famous for its sumptuous Roti Prata. There is also a Canadian Pizza outlet that specialises in the takeaway orders. The commercial property also has KFC branch for delicious chips and chicken. The plaza is not only prominent for food, though it is important to note that people hang out at the commercial property mostly because of the eateries. Maybank has its branch within this mall hence bringing banking services closer to the people. The commercial property also has a multi-storey car park with parking attendants who are very alert and over great services.

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